7 May

Watch this video about the programme “An extraordinary school for boys” that we read in class.


Good manners

2 Apr

Watch this TV commercial about men and manners :

Mobile phones

2 Apr

  • Feelings about phones (Listen to Simon & Todd talking about phones. Don’t forget to click “quiz” on the right hand-side of the page for some activities. You can also click on “transcript” to turn it off.)

How To Use Your Mobile In Public Without Causing Offence (Cellular & Mobile Phones)

Bored or boring?

12 Mar

If it’s still not clear, watch another fantastic video from Jennifer ESL:

Watch part 2:

What are you able to do?

4 Mar

  • Watch the presentation we saw in class:

  • Can you use the right form of “be able to”?Watch this presentation:

Our new graded reader

28 Feb


This is the new book we have to read. Its name is No place to Hide, by Alan Battersby, Cambridge level 3.


To listen to the book, please click here.

Transport listenings

9 Feb