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Good manners

2 Apr

Watch this TV commercial about men and manners :


Mobile phones

2 Apr

  • Feelings about phones (Listen to Simon & Todd talking about phones. Don’t forget to click “quiz” on the right hand-side of the page for some activities. You can also click on “transcript” to turn it off.)

How To Use Your Mobile In Public Without Causing Offence (Cellular & Mobile Phones)

Transport listenings

9 Feb


Comparisons are not always odious…

9 Feb

How long will it take you to learn this?

9 Feb

  • Here is a presentation to revise the structure:
  • Now watch a video with some examples:

  • Watch Richar Vaughan explainig the same structure:


16 Jan


When expressing our opinion, we should always introduce our idea with any of the following expressions:

Click here to agree and disagree.

More ways to agree and disagree here .

And more…


7 Jan

Watch these videos about transport in London and do the activities that come with them. You can even click on “Transcript” to read the text after you watched the videos.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 23.58.05

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 23.56.16