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Review of Present Perfect & Present Perfect Continuous

22 May

Check out this wonderful explanation about the Present Perfect tense and watch the rest of the videos to see the contrast with the Present Perfect Continuous.








8 Dec

One thing is to say ” I’t’s very hot in this room” and another one is to say “It’s boiling in this room”. The second one is stronger and more powerful than the first one. BY using these strong adjectives, your vocabulary level goes up so they are very helpful!

Remember that with “normal” adjectives you can use modifiers such as “very, really, incredibly, extremely, fairly, etc” but with strong adjectives we can only say “Really” or “Absolutely”. So we can say, “I’m absolutely exhausted today”, but not “I’m very exhausted today”.

Would you like to practice these adjectives in Quizlet? Have fun!

Now read this story and try to replace the adjectives

Changing your life

13 Nov

  • Match the picture with important life changes. When done, try to say it in English using the Present Perfect Simple form, e.g. He has gained some weight in the last few years.


Present Perfect Continuous

13 Nov
  • Need more practice? Activity 1, 2 & 3

Meet the flatmates. Watch the episode, and then click on Language point and do the quiz.

  • Multiple choice quiz
  • What have they been doing?
  • Not sure about stative or action verbs? Read the explanation here. Now watch the video below

Watch this video with examples of present perfect simple and continuous:

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