Mobile phones

2 Apr

  • Feelings about phones (Listen to Simon & Todd talking about phones. Don’t forget to click “quiz” on the right hand-side of the page for some activities. You can also click on “transcript” to turn it off.)

How To Use Your Mobile In Public Without Causing Offence (Cellular & Mobile Phones)


5 Responses to “Mobile phones”

  1. atrix4gfreeapps 31/03/2011 at 21:10 #

    I liked the video and those long term contracts are ridiculous, especially, when you purchase a new phone, that renews your contract all over again, for two years.

    • Salvatore Scarpato 05/05/2011 at 16:00 #

      I agree with you here. 24 months is way to long!!! My phone never lasts 12months because I end up breaking it.

  2. sandy 27/05/2011 at 10:10 #

    You have done very nice work ,I hope in future also u will add up some more news,information and tips.


    • monira21 27/05/2011 at 22:48 #

      Hello Sandy

      Thanks for your comment. This blog has been designed and publish to help my students with what they have learnt in class. I’m glad it was also helpful for you!



  3. sandy 30/05/2011 at 11:51 #

    You have Given Nice Information.I hope in future also u will give such a nice information.You can get more Latest Mobile Phones at


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